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  How to get back to Pack-a-Punch on moon

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the sargent

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PostSubject: How to get back to Pack-a-Punch on moon   Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:55 pm

So if you've played the map, you know you start in the pack-a-punch area. After a certin time, all hell breaks loose. But, I have figured out how to return to the pack-a-punch site. To start off, you need to go turn on the power. In the back of the power room, there is a pyramid. Look up. That is the huge teleporter to take you back to area 51.

How to get there--Get to the Mule Kick(3 gun) perk. Follow the path to the ak-74 u. you should see a cliff with a drop down. All of the players in the game need to drop down onto the pad at the same time to teleport back to area 51. When you return- You will have LIMITED time to pack-a-punch. The dogs come almost right away. Be fast