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 No Clip Glitch

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cod warrior

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PostSubject: No Clip Glitch    Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:18 am

Hey guys it's cod warrior here bringing you a new glitch unfortunately no video. Anyways I'm here to bring you probably one of the coolest Black Ops glitches of all time and may possibly work on other Call of Duty's! Anyways what happens is you glitch the game and you can walk through walls, buildings, etc. You can also float in the air!(catching on to what kind of no clip glitch it is *nudge* *nudge*)Anyways lets get to this jam packed step-by-step tutorial!

1. Go to any corner on the map.

2. Go prone in the corner and have a friend repeatedly jump on you!

3. When ever you start to go through the corner lag yourself for about 5 seconds and have your friend to stop jumping.

4. When the lag is gone you shouldn't be able to stand.

5. Move backwards and keep trying until you can stand and then ENJOY!!!


What if I'm not going through the wall?
Keep trying it may be time consuming but end result is awesome

Is there a way to do it by yourself?
Unfortunatley, no there hasn't been a way found yet

What if I can't move backwards after I lag and breach?
Try to kill yourself if you don't die then lag again and you should be able to do it

Note: If this glitch does not work don't complain you have to just keep trying it takes a while but it is worth the time! Also this works on zombies so give it a shot and ENJOY!!!
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No Clip Glitch

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