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 All Shangri-La Achievements! [GUIDE]

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PostSubject: All Shangri-La Achievements! [GUIDE]   Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:18 pm

There are achievements you can get with the new zombies map, I'm gonna show you how to get most achievements.

Monkey See, Monkey Don't- It is pretty simple.

Video Tut-

Text Tut-
When a perk drops don't get it, let the monkey get it. (you'll hear the monkey)
When the monkey picks it up, kill him.


Video Tut-

Text Tut-
Camp at the bridge.
Kill him once he is on the other side.

Small Consolation-

Video Tut-

Text Tut-
To get this achievement you need to hit a napalm zombie, shrieker zombie, and all ordinary zombies.

Blinded by the Fright-

Video Tut-

Text Tut-
When you see a shrieker zombie (he'll look white) let him scream and blur your vision.
Then, use a stakeout and put 1-2 shots into him and he should die.
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All Shangri-La Achievements! [GUIDE]

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